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The Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research, is the official publication of the Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute. The journal publishes veterinary science papers reporting on original research based on diseases and disease vectors of livestock and wildlife on the continent of Africa, with results of more than local interest.

Editor-in-Chief: Mary-Louise Penrith, TAD Scientific, South Africa.

Financial support and affiliation: Agricultural Research Council, Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute (South Africa).


Special Issues

Archives: The full archives of the journal is to be published on this journal website in 2015. Supplement 4: Proceedings of the 2nd One Health Conference in Africa.
Vol 81, No 2 (2014)

Supplement 3: Proceedings of the 1st One Health Conference in Africa.
Vol 79, No 2 (2012)

Latest articles

Original Research
Functional anatomy of the lacrimal gland in African black ostrich Struthio camelus domesticus in the embryonic and postnatal period
Joanna Klećkowska-Nawrot, Karolina Goździewska-Harłajczuk, Renata Nowaczyk, Krzysztof Krasucki
Vol 82, No 1 (2015), 12 pages
Published: 2015-03-25

Original Research
Relationship between haemoglobin concentration and packed cell volume in cattle blood samples
Paa-Kobina Turkson, Ebenezer Y. Ganyo
Vol 82, No 1 (2015), 5 pages
Published: 2015-02-27

Research Communication
First molecular assessment of the African swine fever virus status ofOrnithodoros ticks from Swaziland
Carin I. Boshoff, Armanda D.S. Bastos, Mzwandi M. Dube, Livio Heath
Vol 81, No 1 (2014), 5 pages
Published: 2014-12-03


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